I'm Your Nightmare Coming True

I Am Your Worst Enemy, I Am Your Dearest Friend

I'm Lassen, anything I say, take it seriously, because anything that I say I have put a lot of thought into and has some powerful emotions behind it.
Anyone can do anything as long as they have the determination.
Life is 5% what people say, 5% what people do, 90% how YOU react to it.
Make the world, don't let it make you.
There are only 2 things that keep my soul ablaze; music and love.
Music is my escape from the world and is where I find most of my explanations to life.
I hate a lot of things; drama, backstabbers, close-minded people, liars, rape, judgement, grudges, seeing my friends down or unsure of themselves, drugs, suicide, gangs, guys being dicks to girls, empty promises, people starting crap with my friends, people who don't give a damn about their education, getting my hopes let down, being alone, being unable to help my friends, hypocrits, and more than anything, I hate society today.
Nevertheless, it still takes a whole lot to make me hate someone, I have a lot of patience.
I'll give anyone a 2nd chance, after that, they're on their own.
I want to make a difference in everyone's lives, I want to change society.
I do flirt a lot, and I'm trying to stop that.
I can be a complete dick, but I really don't mean to be.
I will never lie to a friend, or anyone for that matter.
I have NOTHING to hide.
I'm extremely shy, but once I get to know you, that seriously changes.
I'm a guy... so don't bitch me out for making perverted jokes because its a *JOKE* I really don't give a damn about sex unless its going to mean something.
I'm still waiting for the right girl.
I'll give up everything for the girl I love.
I'm a hopeless romantic.
I'm a nerd too, I love anime, I love gaming, and I love computers.

I'll add more as more comes to mind...