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Spring Break!!

Okay, highlights of the past couple weeks.

Every 15 minutes - that week was the most depressing week ever.
Monday of that week.. dont wanna go there
Tuesday - drunk driver simulation. seen it once, dont wanna c it again, even if its fake :(
Wednesday - the video. shit, I nearly cried. :(

also, I recently saw Doomsday. OMG that movie was freaking awesome. Go see it. if u thought 300 was good this is like 4x better. :D lots of blood an stuffs. an if u find that stuff amusing, youll laugh your ass off.

also, I saw shutter friday. it was aight. i wouldnt suggest anyone sees it, its juss another spin off the grudge and the ring, an its not even scary. didnt jump once, an there were only a few parts where i culd c *anyone* jumping. spend your money on somethin better =D

an did I mention Im gettin addicted to World of Warcraft again? bad me!! thats NOT supposed to happen. get me away from the computer please?? someone call an lets hang out. =D

spring break has been so freaking relaxing so far tho overall Im loving it, i dont want it to ever end, lol. I still have to finish my Historical Fiction Essay tho. FUCKDAMN!!! gay!! owell, I aint gonna let tht bring me down :)

Taking A Moment To Bitch

School has juss been pissing me off lately. its so.... STRESSFUL!!
English - I have a 10 page historical fiction short story due... like a week ago. an i barely know where to begin. its so overwhelming.
And Spanish 2, Im juss losing it, I don't get what I'm doing. preterit vs. imperfect is freaking confusing.
AP World, the teacher keeps blowing up on me, cause i keep forgetting to do homework, or I dont understand something. I juss cant keep up with it. and I have a test tuesday, but Im barely even ready for it.
Theater - wtf, this class shouldnt be stressful. but i have to be ready to present two monologues in a couple class periods, and i dont evn know wat to write them on.
and math is getting really hard to keep up with. polynomials and complex numbers really bog me down. Im sick of feeling so fucking stupid. and being so overwhelmed.

and not to even mention my homelife stress, fighting with my mom a lot. Im not homeless anymore. but its close to it. had to deal with the cops a couple weeks back. that sucked. and sum other shit. i cant tlk abt it here tho. Im sooverwhelmed by life right now, and Im doing everything I can to keep my head screwed on right, and to keep good grades, and keep us off the streets, and keep a smile on my face every day. but its so hard.

and ive been feeling like a rly shitty family member lately. it was brought to my attention teh other day that my nephew's grades are slipping an i realized i shuld prolly tutor him or sum shit. an that juss got me thinking. my family doesnt know who i am anymore. i havent been around that much for my nephews and my niece, and i havent rly been up to date with my sisters life or any of my brothers lives. im having a hard time balancing all my time. i want to be able to focus on myself. like, focus on my grades, and being happy, and my future and i dont take enough times to practice the hobbies i would like to. guitar, poetry, singing, acting, science. theres a lot of shit i want to learn about and practice that i juss dont feel i have the time for, i havent even been going to the gym much lately. not to mention i need to make sure im a part of my family's life, as well as all my friends, and especailly my g/f's. I juss feel like... I've changed and i'm not the same person i used to be, and that i juss. I really dunno. its all overwhelming.

anyways, sorry im bitching so much.
hope everyones been doing well. :)

Last Night

Was Freaking Amazing. Uhm. Ya, thats all I can say. lolz.

I Love Her

So, life lately has been great :)
Not a lot been goin on the last few weeks, occasional drama, lost a few friends, and made a few new ones.
But, I'm happy :)
spending krazy amounts of money this month tho lol.
$90 on the shirt i wore to the dance tonight, and $40 on the pants
also spent $35 on my girls corsage an wit our one month coming up as well as Valentines day.. that prolly means another $50 at least. owell lol. i also spent $140 total on 2 new pairs of shoes. theyre hella badass
anyways, ya tonight was the valentines dance.
it was hella tight.
spent half the time in the back wit one of my groups and the other half in the middle freak dancing. we got put in "time out" lol when Mr. Thompson caught us. thank god we didnt get kicked out. there was a lil drama an sum feelings hurt. (one of my friends hooked up wit a girl that some other guy likes but whatever) an my girlfriend broke down crying so i spent sum time cheering her up. but asides from that. really gr8 night. anyways, I'm with friends chillin right now. we went cruising a lil after the dance an juss got back. oh, an did i mention I love her. <333

Livin Life :)

3 Day Weekends, are the shit!! friday, i chilled all day after school wid ppl over by starbucks. Lehan, Dylan, Candace, Jordie, Merriah, Stephen, Tyler, Ashley, Celeste, Danielle, and my girl. :)
So, really fun day. but there was sum tension, b/c ppl juss arent good at gettin along sumtimes, especailly wid Dylan =/ but I enjoyed myself for the most part so it was chill an I spent tht night at Miguel's house so we got to chill, tht was tight. and yesterday I chilled wid Lehan, Miguel, Candace, Lexi, and Morgan all day. had a talk wit Lehan's mom, trying to clear up some drama shit. an Lehan has been getting on my nerves, but whatever. an today, I got to chill wid my girl and Anthony. and tomorrow the whole group shuld b together for ice skating :) gonna be savage! anyways, hope everyone else has been enjoying their weekend as well. peace

This Week

So, my week has been pretty tight fools. and u kno ur hella jealous. lol. minimum day monday, hella tight. then i ditched tuesday, hella tight. but i still need to do my essay for health, which I'm working on right now, hella gay. an I gotta catch up in AP World, English, and Theater as well, once again, hella gay. But I got to hang out wit my g/f that night, and me an my mom got into a hella deep conversation for once, so thats good. Also, me an my mom aren't fighting lately, so I'm really really happy about that, its been a lot of stress. An today.. was pretty much lamme lol. but I gotta chill wit Miguel for once so that was tight chillin wid my nigga. but now I'm working on my health essay an i still got my AP World outline. but ya, good weekend. not bein single anymore has really had me in a good mood. :) lol anywayyyss, people shuld hit me up an we shuld go to the movies this weekend, tht wuld be tight! peace out ya'll.

My Weekend

My weekend has been freaking awesome so far. Last night was our dance. Which was freaking awesome. We got a new DJ, who actually plays good music. And it wasn't too crowded either. So, an overall fun night. Then, today, I got dropped off in town to do some job hunting an after that I walked to the Galleria an spent an hour or so there. Got bored and walked to Sunsplash an spent a couple hours playing DDR. an after gettin bored there I walked back to Rocklin an hung with Miguel, Lehan, and Neto. So, fun day. Tomorrow, I might be going to an anime con, which should be freakin bomb. Anyways. Iono wat else. thats all for now. ttyl lol.


So, life right now has been pretty chill.
Just got back to school. Luckily no homework so far. Currently can't use my phone. Kinda sucks.
I'm working out again, doin weights for track this year, and football next year. So I'm feelin good about myself again. Gettin to see all my friends again, which is awesome. Lots of laughter and smiling the past couple days. Which really makes up for parts of my break. Currently at my friend Dylan's house right now. Just chillin, listening to Hollywood Undead and watching the Fresh Prince of Belair. Oh, and I might be a stage hand for the upcoming Winter Musical, which I decided not to actually be in since its just a little too... "FABULOUS" for my tastes. No offense to anyone at all. But, the stage hand thing will be good, cause that means I can actually start gettin my community service done for my graduation requirements. So, today, I went to the mall with Dylan, got myself a new pair of pants which I hella like, and I met a dang cute girl too lol. She's only 14 but she don't look it at all. So, I want to get to know her a little bit. So, anyways... thats life right now. Hopefully everyone enjoyed Xmas and New Years btw. But yeah. Living Large. :)


Hey, whats up? So, where to begin.. 
Well, I'm Lassen. I don't really need to tell too much about myself here, but if there is anything you want to know about me, go read my bio.
If you don't already know, I am a little insecure. So, most of what I post in my journal is going to be private. I don't really like sharing about my life a whole whole lot, nor do I like talking about my problems, I tend to instead focus on my friends.
Live each day like your last.. who hasn't heard the phrase. But I take that very seriously. I enjoy myself every day and take advantage of every oppurtunity I get. Sometimes this means that I make some messed up decisions, and say some things that people take offense to. But if you want to choose to hold that against me, that's your problem. Most people will tell you I'm a good guy. I don't always agree with that statement. But I am who I am, and there's nothing you can do to change that. Anyways....
Why am I starting a livejournal?
Well, For one thing, I used to have one, but that was like, what... 3 freaking years ago?? so I don't remember my password or the email I had set up for that account so I pretty much had to start a new one. ( Plus I like my username way better now, haha =p )
Also, I have a lot of friends on livejournal I want to get back in touch with as well as some new ones that I want to be able to maintain contact with. Anyways, enjoy reading my journal, I'll try to update every day or two, but honestly... no promises. 
I also have a myspace if you want it, just send me a tell.
Anyways, that's all for now. Gonna go play Halo 3, lol, I'm a nerd. >_<



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